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Apr 29, 2021

PODCAST: What Does the Public Really Think About the Hot Market? (April 2021)

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By Shaheed Devji,
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications

On this month's episode of Open House by BCREA, Research Co. president Mario Canseco shares the results of his recent public opinion survey which asked British Columbians about their thoughts on the current hot housing market. From the causes of the historically busy market to Realtor practice, and government intervention, the public weighs in.

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This episode was recorded on April 26, 2021.


  • Introduction
  • Feature Conversation: Mario Canseco, Research Co.

It’s no surprise to our listeners that the BC housing market is busy. We’ve been experiencing record numbers of home sales for months now, with pricing rising, and the competitiveness being at levels maybe never seen before.

For sellers and agents alike, that can be welcomed. Of course, there is also concern that the market might be getting out of control and outreach for some. And there have been calls from different corners for intervention.

But what do the people putting in the offers and putting up the money actually think about what’s happening?

For some answers, today we welcome Mario Canseco to the show. He is president of Research Co. and has analyzed and conducted public opinion research since 2003, for clients across the private and public sectors.

Throughout his career, Mario has coordinated research teams for a global public opinion firm that operated in Canada, the United States and Britain, and has had a very accurate record at predicting election results, so I’m sure his research on BC’s housing market will provide some valuable insight about what homeowners, buyers, renters, and the general public think about this hot market.

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Author profile photo
By Shaheed Devji,
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications

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