Residential Relicensing Education (Legal Update)

In Residential Relicensing Education (Legal Update), REALTORS® will study the rule changes to the Real Estate Services Act effective June 15, 2018; principles of professionalism, risk management, and ethical decision-making; privacy laws such as Canada's Anti-Spam Law; stigmatized properties; and important real estate tax considerations.

This year's On the Radar will cover strata wind up cases; the new cannabis legislation effective October 17, 2018; conditions precedent "subject to lawyer's approval"; easements and the "Rule in Austerberry"; the Homeowner Protection Act; and the amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act on December 11, 2017 and May 17, 2018.

This course is part of a REALTOR®'s mandatory relicensing education, to be completed on a two-year cycle. Like the 2018 version, the 2019 Relicensing Program is a two-part course with a preparatory online component that includes "end-of-module" quizzes followed by a one-day classroom component.

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