BCREA is the voice of BC’s REALTORS®. In collaboration with the province’s eight real estate boards, we work with all levels of government to advocate for public policy that provides housing opportunities, ensures economic vitality, protects property owners, preserves the environment and builds better communities.


Key Priority Topics

  • Housing Affordability
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Climate Change Preparedness
  • Consumer Protection

Housing Affordability

The BC housing market has experienced substantial price increases over the past decade. Many British Columbians have expressed concerns over declining listings and price increases. BC REALTORS® support policies that provide more housing opportunities that British Columbians can afford.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the BC Government on the following recommendations:

  • Increase housing supply across the housing continuum.
  • Implement policies to ensure that renters, first-time and move-up buyers have appropriate, affordable housing options.
  • Encourage the creation of more “missing middle” housing options.
  • Promote policies that speed-up the development process among local governments.
  • Take actions to address rising strata insurance costs.
  • Ensure fairness and effectiveness in real estate taxes.
  • Develop a provincial framework to remediate buildings used in drug production to ensure they can be safely reintroduced to existing housing stock.

Real Estate Practice

Changes to the practice of real estate should be made with care so consumers and REALTORS® have confidence in real estate transactions.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the BC Government on the following recommendations:

  • Ensure that the BC Financial Services Authority is a stable, efficient, world-leading regulator that gives REALTORS® a voice.
  • Revise the managing broker structure so that it provides adequate supervision for representatives without discouraging managing brokers from their practice.
  • Provide greater clarity about real estate teams conduct and professional activity.
  • Enhance the ability of REALTORS® to serve consumer needs.
  • Explore a separate license or designation for commercial real estate practice.

Climate Change Preparedness

BC REALTORS® support BC’s targets to achieve Paris emissions reductions targets for 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050. We are deeply concerned about the impacts of climate change on BC’s housing stock and homeownership in the face of increasingly common climate change-induced disasters such as floods and wildfires. REALTORS® do their part by continually familiarizing themselves with developments and trends related to energy efficiency and climate change preparedness.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the BC Government and key stakeholder groups on the following recommendations:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of existing homes through voluntary measures and incentives for property owners.
  • Ensure floodplain maps are updated and remain current, while ensuring sufficient funding to implement flood mitigation initiatives.
  • Propose policies that balance private property rights with public policy in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Consumer Protection

As trusted advisors on the majority of real estate transactions, BC REALTORS® have an intrinsic interest in consumer protection. BCREA strives to continually increase professionalism and consumer confidence as ongoing operational priorities. We are committed to evolving our sector, practices and Realtor professionalism.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the BC Government on the following recommendations:

  • Enact changes to the real estate transaction framework that increase transparency and protections for consumers while balancing unintended consequences, such as impacts on housing affordability.
  • Improve the foundation of effective real estate policy through fulsome stakeholder engagement.
  • Address the root cause of many real estate consumer concerns, which is a mismatch between housing supply and demand.
  • Consult with BCREA, real estate boards and managing brokers to build a meaningful education for preparing new licensees.
  • Work with all levels of government and BCREA to ensure that money laundering has no place in real estate.
  • Reduce the harms caused by the ban on limited dual agency.

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