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Open House by BCREA is a monthly podcast bringing you the latest industry headlines plus a feature conversation on issues related to real estate practice.

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    PODCAST: Cooling Off Periods and Other Interventions – Will They Work? (November 2021)
    PODCAST: Using Coaching to Build Trust (October 2021)
    PODCAST: Serving on the BCREA Board of Directors (September 2021)
    PODCAST: A Guide to Getting Started as a REALTOR® (July 2021)
    PODCAST: Five Questions for the Post-Pandemic Housing Market (June 2021)
    PODCAST: Explaining the June 1 FINTRAC Changes for REALTORS® (May 2021)
    Three Highlights from Public Polling on BC’s Hot Market
    PODCAST: What Does the Public Really Think About the Hot Market? (April 2021)
    PODCAST: How to Manage Risk in BC’s Current Housing Market (March 2021)
    PODCAST: Challenges and Opportunities in a Hot Market During COVID-19 (February 2021)
    PODCAST: Energy-Efficient Homes – Starting the Conversation (January 2021)
    PODCAST: Episode 13 – What REALTORS® Need to Know About Land Owner Transparency
    PODCAST: Episode 12 – Professional Standards in a Busy Market with RECBC
    PODCAST: Episode 11 – What the Provincial Election Means for BC Real Estate
    PODCAST: Episode 10 – Fall 2020 Standard Forms Release Preview
    PODCAST: Episode 9 – Does Racism Exist in Real Estate?
    PODCAST: Episode 8 – A REALTOR®’s Guide to Radon Gas
    PODCAST: Episode 7 – Returning to Work and Risks to REALTOR® Reputation
    PODCAST: Episode 6 – How to Stay Productive During COVID-19
    PODCAST: Episode 5 – Conducting Business During COVID-19
    PODCAST: Episode 4 – COVID-19 Standardized Clauses, and Financial Support
    PODCAST: Episode 3 – The Impact of COVID-19 on REALTORS®
    PODCAST: Episode 2 – The Changing Landscape of Strata Insurance in BC
    PODCAST: Episode 1 – Managing REALTOR® Risk in 2020
    Introducing the New BCREA Podcast: Open House by BCREA