PODCAST: Episode 8 - A REALTOR®'s Guide to Radon Gas

Jun 29, 2020

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Episode 8 of Open House by BCREA, A REALTOR®'s Guide to Radon Gas, features a conversation about radon gas and real estate with Dr. Noah Quastel, Director of Law and Policy for Healthy Indoor Environments at the BC Lung Foundation.

Radon gas isn’t new, but it’s certainly something that Realtors continue to learn about. BCREA has created some new resources for Realtors on the topic of radon gas, including an accredited live course and FAQ document, which Dr. Quastel helped produce. On this episode, we talk about how you can take that information and put it into practice.

This episode was recorded on June 24, 2020.

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Dr. Noah Quastel is the Director of Law and Policy for Healthy Indoor Environments at the BC Lung Foundation.

Dr. Quastel is a practicing lawyer and a PHD in human geography, specializing in sustainability, the built environment and radon exposure law and policy.

He and the BC Lung Foundationhave been working to provide resources around radon gas and how it affects the real estate sector in BC. Recently he has been working with BCREA to create an accredited webinar about radon gas and real estate, and a comprehensive FAQ document which answers 13 common questions about radon and real estate.

Resources mentioned in our conversation with Dr. Quastel:

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