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Serving BC’s Real Estate Boards and REALTORS®

BCREA is the provincial association for BC REALTORS®. As a champion for the real estate sector, BCREA advances REALTOR® professionalism and ensures the REALTOR® voice is heard, for the benefit of consumers and communities, across BC. By working in collaboration with the province’s real estate boards, our mission is to provide professional development opportunities, advocacy, economic and policy research, and standard forms so REALTORS® are trusted, respected, and proud of their profession.

BCREA’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan
BCREA’s mission, vision and values

Core Services

BCREA provides four core services to support BC’s eight real estate boards and 26,000 commercial and residential REALTORS®. These core services are advocacy, economics analysis, professional development and standard forms.

Standard Forms
Economic Research
Education Our professional development programs enhance REALTORS’® skills, confidence, and professional knowledge. In-person and online learning opportunities have been created to suit the diverse learning styles and dynamic schedules of REALTORS®.
advocacy BCREA is the voice of BC’s REALTORS®. We work with all levels of government to advocate for public policy that provides housing opportunities, ensures economic vitality, protects property owners, preserves the environment and builds better communities.
standard forms In collaboration with lawyers, real estate boards and other industry experts, we draft and update the standard legal forms that are the backbone of every transaction. We also give REALTORS® ongoing training in working with the forms so consumers can have full confidence in the profession.
economic research Our Economics team strives to enhance understanding of the factors that influence housing markets. We analyze housing markets and the economic trends that shape them for the eight real estate boards and 26,000 REALTORS® across British Columbia.
quality of life Our work is driven by our commitment to the Quality of Life principles upheld by real estate associations across Canada. To that end, we support policies that help ensure economic vitality, provide housing opportunities, preserve the environment, protect property owners and build better communities with good schools and safe neighbourhoods.


BCREA’s Member Boards

We are proud to support the province’s eight real estate boards (member boards), sharing expertise so that REALTORS® are trusted, respected and proud of their profession.

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    Member Boards
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    Core Services
  • 1
    Association of Interior REALTORS®
    112 – 140 Commercial Drive
    Kelowna, BC V1X 7X6
    Phone: 250.491.4560
    Fax: 250.491.4580


    Chief Executive Officer
    George Greenwood
    [email protected]

    Chelsea Mann
  • 2
    BC Northern Real Estate Board
    2609 Queensway
    Prince George, BC V2L 1N3

    Phone: 250.563.1236
    Fax: 250.563.3637


    Executive Officer
    Alexandra Goseltine
    [email protected]

    Breanne Cote
  • 3
    Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board
    P1 – 8433 Harvard Place
    Chilliwack, BC V2P 7Z5

    Phone: 604.792.0912
    Fax: 604.792.6795


    Executive Officer
    Steve Lerigny
    [email protected]

    Brad Latham
  • 4
    Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
    15463 – 104th Avenue
    Surrey, BC V3R 1N9

    Phone: 1.877.286.5685
    Fax: 1.800.906.0258


    Chief Executive Officer
    Baldev S. Gill

    [email protected]

    Narinder Bains
  • 5
    Powell River Sunshine Coast Real Estate Board
    PO Box 307
    Powell River, BC V8A 5C2

    Phone: 604.485.6944
    Fax: 604.485.6944


    Executive Officer
    Steve Lerigny
    [email protected]

    Neil Frost
  • 6
    Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
    2433 Spruce Street
    Vancouver, BC V6H 4C8

    Phone: 604.730.3000
    Fax: 604.730.3103


    Chief Executive Officer
    Jeff King
    [email protected]

    Jennifer Quart
  • 7
    Vancouver Island Real Estate Board
    6374 Metral Drive
    Nanaimo, BC V9T 2L8

    Phone: 250.390.4212
    Fax: 250.390.5014


    Chief Executive Officer
    Jason Yochim
    [email protected]

    Kelly O’Dwyer
  • 8
    Victoria Real Estate Board
    3035 Nanaimo Street
    Victoria, BC V8T 4W2

    Phone: 250.385.7766
    Fax: 250.385.8773


    Chief Executive Officer
    Dave Corey
    [email protected]

    Graden Sol


  • Thank You for a Remarkable 2023 Managing Brokers’ Conference!
    We want to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended, our speakers for sharing their expertise, and our sponsors for their invaluable support. 
    Posted Nov 30, 2023
    by Harveen Dhaliwal
  • BCREA Nowcast
    The BCREA Nowcast estimate of provincial economic growth (expressed as year-over-year growth in real GDP) for September is 1.2 per cent. 
    Posted Nov 30, 2023
    by Brendon Ogmundson
  • Housing Monitor Dashboard
    The BCREA Economics team has created the Housing Monitor Dashboard to help REALTORS® monitor BC’s housing market.  
    Posted Nov 29, 2023
    by Ryan McLaughlin