Inflation and the Rising Trend of Underinsured Claims: Tips for REALTORS®

Apr 28, 2022

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Pearl Zhou
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According to Aviva Insurance, there has been a growing trend of underinsured claims across personal and commercial property lines over the past two years. This trend is fuelled by customers not being adequately insured to value. As a result, Aviva says that claims are coming in much higher than what customers are insured for.

With inflation hitting new record levels and driving up claims costs, REALTORS® must help their clients understand the importance of ensuring their commercial and personal properties are insured to value. 

Impact of inflation 

Increases in material and labour costs and global supply chain issues have significantly driven up reconstruction costs on homes and commercial buildings. With the Consumer Price Index recently hitting a 30-year high of 6.7 per cent, the value of contents is something commercial property customers should not overlook. 

For homeowners, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a wave of home renovations, additions and appliance upgrades as people suddenly found themselves spending more time at home. These property updates and the increased materials costs can easily lead to underinsured claims. Thus, it leads clients to new assets that don’t correctly reflect their existing policy. 

Encourage your clients to confirm they are fully insured 

Realtors should suggest clients review their personal policies to ensure their insurance adequately covers their property to value. Clients can speak to their insurance providers for advice and additional access resources.

On the other hand, generally, commercial properties can get a detailed appraisal of a building from an appraiser accredited by the Appraisal Institute of Canada. As well, homeowners can get a valuation from an inspection report.

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