Invasive Species

Feb 13, 2019

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Marianne Brimmell
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When that little squirrel becomes a big problem

Invasive species come with a series of problems, especially if you're not aware of the risks. Invasive species Whether you're a REALTOR® conducting business on Vancouver Island, or northern BC, understanding what invasive species are found in your area is the first step in helping your client avoid those risks. Your knowledge can guide them to make a proper assessment when buying or selling.

Getting into the weeds
The Invasive Species Council of BC classifies invasive species as various plants, animals, fish, insects or fungi that can cause economic or environmental harm. While some flora and fauna are obviously invasive species, others can seem harmless at first glance, like that cute squirrel you feed on your porch or the wild blackberries in your neighbour's backyard.

When approaching the topic of possible invasive species with your clients, you can encourage them to:

  • inquire with the sellers whether they're aware of any invasive species on their property,
  • ask experts and local authorities about any known invasive species in the area of the property, or
  • refer to the Invasive Species Council of BC library.

Further information about invasive species in specific areas around BC is available on the Invasive Species Council of BC website. You can find more information on their economic, environmental and societal impacts here.

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