Eight New Education Courses Released in 2021

Dec 14, 2021

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'Tis the season to wind down and wrap up another busy year! With the holidays around the corner, and Santa checking his list twice, now is a wise time to check your Professional Development Program (PDP) hours twice, too. 

Ensure you're up to date with your professional requirements by catching up with BCREA's accredited education offerings.  

In 2021, BCREA released eight online, self-paced courses for REALTORS® to obtain accredited PDP hours. These new courses range from 2-9 PDP hours, all of which can be done in your own time.  

Whether you're a new Realtor looking for introductory courses or a managing broker wanting to enhance your professionalism, there's a course suitable for your needs. 

Browse the BCREA course catalogue and sign up for a course today. 

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So, without further ado, here's a summary of what launched this year at BCREA. 

Happy holidays and happy learning!  

Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes  

Learn about the characteristics of a sustainable, energy-efficient home and various sustainability programs beyond the minimum building code requirements in BC. 

By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify ways to increase a home's sustainability while reducing its impact on the environment.  

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 3 PDP hours. 

Healthy Indoor Environments: Meeting Your Clients' Needs  

Improve your knowledge of living in a healthy home and the various health factors that may impact your clients' decisions. 

This course is authored by Noah Quastel of the BC Lung Foundation, in conjunction with leading experts to address the "tightness" of a home and ways to prevent different types of outdoor pollutants from entering a home.  

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 4 PDP hours. 

Radon for REALTORS®  

This course helps Realtors become knowledgeable about radon, an invisible, odourless gas, can ensure you demonstrate competency and reasonable care for your clients regarding environmental conditions. 

The information presented in this course can also add value for the health and safety of clients and Realtors alike. 

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 2 PDP hours. 

The BC Energy Step Code: A Primer for Selling Energy-Efficient New Homes  

Learn about the BC Energy Step Code, building strategies and products that can help increase energy efficiency. 

This course is authored by Peter Sundberg of the City Green Solutions and other leading experts. Enhance the standard of professional competency in how you can assist clients and protect their best around energy efficiency. 

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 3 PDP hours. 

Contract Law Foundations for REALTORS®  

Gain a foundational understanding of the legal principles relevant to real estate contracts in British Columbia.  

Learners will be introduced to the elements of an enforceable contract, how a contract can be terminated and the possible remedies available on a breach of contract. Plus, get practice-ready tips for working with contracts in this introductory course. 

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 3 PDP hours. 

Know Your Product: House Structures  

This introductory course covers the fundamentals of residential construction, including footings, foundations, floors, decks, walls, openings, stairs, roofs, and chimneys. Additionally, this course brings awareness to the common wood-boring insects found in British Columbia. 

Knowing your product inside-out will help you better advise your clients—whether to make the appropriate property disclosure as a seller or understand the necessity of a home inspection as a buyer. 

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 6 PDP hours. 

Mastering Compliance 2.0: Anti-Money Laundering Training for Brokers  

This program helps managing brokers and owners, senior officers and compliance officers meet the requirements for an anti-money laundering compliance program under the Proceeds of Crime Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) and associated Regulations. 

MC 2.0 prepares brokerages to meet FINTRAC's two-year effectiveness review requirements and compliance. 

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 9 PDP hours. 

Economics for REALTORS®: How to Apply Economic Data and Trends to Help Your Clients 

Learn how the real estate market interacts with the broader economy in Economics for REALTORS®. Find out how economic factors affect housing supply and demand and the impact of government policies on real estate markets. Learners will also better understand how to analyze detailed economic graphs and statistics.  

Brendon Ogmundson of the British Columbia Real Estate Association authored this course. 

Upon successful completion, learners will receive 2 PDP hours. 

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