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Aug 26, 2021

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As summer slips away, and we head into a crisp BC fall with a fresh new school year, you might be thinking of heading back to the books as well. This year BCREA introduced six new online courses for REALTORS®, expanding BCREA's comprehensive online course catalogue.

In case you missed them, or you’re thinking of productive ways to occupy your time this fall as we transition back to spending more time indoors, here are six self-paced, accredited, online courses released this year you might be interested in taking:

  1. Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes

    This course is designed for Realtors to learn about the characteristics of a sustainable, energy-efficient home and explore various sustainability programs (e.g., LEED, R-2000, BC Step Code, Passive House) that go beyond the minimum building code requirements in BC. Register here.

  2. Healthy Indoor Environments

    This course improves Realtor knowledge of what it means to live in a healthy home and the various health factors that may impact the decisions of their clients. Register here.

  3. Radon for REALTORS®

    Within this course, Realtors will explore radon - the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers - and how it relates to the real estate transaction. Register here.

  4. Contract Law Foundations for REALTORS®

    This course equips Realtors with a foundational understanding of the legal principles relevant to contracts in relation to real estate in British Columbia. Register here.

  5. BC Energy Step Code: A Primer for Selling Energy-Efficient New Homes

    Here, Realtors will improve their knowledge of the BC Energy Step Code, a code that sets levels, or "steps", of performance requirements for new construction, and is a growing deciding factor for clients when buying new homes. Register here.

  6. Know Your Product: House Structures

    A self-paced, accredited, online course revamped from the previously popular Know Your Product, in-person course, where Realtors are provided a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of residential construction including footings, foundations, floors, decks, walls, openings, stairs, roofs, and chimneys. Register here.

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