Raise the Bar on Your Practice with the Newly Launched, Client Engagement Excellence: Assessing and Presenting Skills Course

Oct 07, 2020



By Ellen Baragon, Guest Contributor

Improve your ability to assess client needs, hone your presenting skills, and strengthen your core competencies of agency, disclosure, and ethics in BCREA’s new Client Engagement Excellence: Assessing and Presenting Skills, a self-paced online course available now.

Written by real estate client engagement expert Gerald Clerx, the course covers the practical tools REALTORS® can use to bridge that gap between where the client is, and where the client aspires to be. For example, the type of property they own, their finances, their age, and family situation, whether they’re upsizing or downsizing, their future needs, all determine if, and how, they can reach their home buying goals.

For the past 20 years Gerald has helped real estate professionals globally to increase the value they bring to their clients by enhancing their competency in the core skills of client assessment, presentation, and negotiation.

Realtors will be shown how to recognize a client's preferred style of engagement and how their own use of language, vocal expression, and visual communications influence their client interactions.

Gerald will also illustrate how applying a logical structure and  relevant content make for more successful client presentations. .

Realtors who successfully complete the course will have greater confidence in their ability to engage clients by focusing in on a client’s needs with greater insight and sophistication. Specifically, they will learn to:

  • Identify and articulate four key styles of client engagement;
  • Define the strengths and limitations of each model;
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of their client's real estate requirements;
  • Identify verbal, vocal and visual communication habits of each engagement style;
  • Use a methodical approach when presenting a listing, property or offer;
  • Customize their presentation to match the four different engagement styles  

Registration is available now for Client Engagement Excellence: Assessing and Presenting Skills.

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