RECBC and BCREA Work Together to Change Regulatory Education

Jul 11, 2019

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April van Ert
Director, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement


The Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) and the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) have signed an agreement that will see the management of regulatory education for real estate professionals transition to RECBC in the fall of 2019. Through this agreement, RECBC will increase its oversight, control and direct involvement in the development and instruction of the Legal Update courses and Applied Practice Course, as outlined in the Raising Standards of Regulatory Education White Paper published in 2018.

MOU Signing BCREA & Council

What this means to you

Both RECBC and BCREA are committed to ensuring that the changeover is a smooth one for BC's real estate professionals, member real estate boards and staff. The two organizations have worked closely for months to plan the transition and minimize potential disruption. Here's what you can expect this fall:

  • You will be visiting RECBC's website to register for regulatory education
  • But you'll be using the same registration system as currently
  • After the changeover, you'll be able to contact RECBC directly for answers to any questions about registration or courses
  • You'll continue to access in-class sessions at the same locations as currently, with familiar experienced instructors

You can look forward to receiving more information throughout the summer and early fall on these changes, as work on the transition of regulatory education continues.

Background information: Raising Standards of Regulatory Education White Paper

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