Reporting Your Professional Development Program Hours

Dec 16, 2019

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Marianne Brimmell
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The transition to the new Professional Development Program (PDP) framework is just around the corner! As of January 1, you'll report any PDP hours you've acquired from learning opportunities outside of your board – whether accredited or self-directed – to your primary member board. As the reporting process looks slightly different at each board, your board will provide you with more details, but keep reading for some general guidelines.

When do I have to report my hours?

1. For learning opportunities taken through your brokerage or providers other than your board, you are responsible for reporting these PDP hours to your primary member board. You can only report these hours after you’ve completed the learning opportunity.

2. For learning opportunities taken through your member board, you do not have to report your PDP hours – your board will track these hours for you!

For brokerage training that counts toward self-directed PDP hours, some boards may ask that your brokerage submit an attendance list instead of each REALTOR® reporting these hours individually. Please check with your brokerage to verify the process.

What counts toward PDP hours?

To determine if a learning opportunity is accredited and will count toward your accredited PDP hours, you can refer to this list of all currently accredited PDP learning opportunities. To determine if a learning opportunity will count toward your self-directed PDP hours, ensure it meets the following requirements:

1. it enhances your professional practice,

2. it’s verifiable and auditable, meaning you can provide proof of completion, and

3. it provides at least one hour of learning.

If you’re not sure if a learning opportunity meets one or more of these requirements, contact your board.

How many hours do I need to report?

Each licensing cycle, you are required to complete a minimum of 18 hours of professional development. We know, however, that many REALTORS® will go above and beyond this minimum and encourage you to report all of your professional development hours, including those earned in excess of the minimum requirements.

If you haven't yet received details on the reporting process at your board, please contact your board directly. For more information on the PDP framework and reporting, follow the links below:

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