The New Professional Development Program: Top Five Questions Post-Launch

Jan 16, 2020

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Marianne Brimmell
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January 1 marked the transition to the new Professional Development Program (PDP) framework. Now that changes to the program are in effect, REALTORS® are asking great questions about what these changes mean in practice. To start you off on the right foot, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions (with answers) below!

1. Does the new mandatory Anti-Money Laundering course from the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) count toward my PDP hours?

No, the new mandatory Anti-Money Laundering course from RECBC does not count toward your PDP hours. Under the new PDP framework, education taken to earn or maintain your licence with RECBC does not count toward your PDP hours. This includes the Legal Update course, the Rule Changes course and the new Anti-Money Laundering course. Information on these courses can be found here.

2. When do my self-directed hours kick in? I took an online course in November of 2019 – can I use this toward my self-directed hours?

Only self-directed learning opportunities taken on or after January 1, 2020 – when the new PDP framework came into effect – can count toward your self-directed PDP hours.

3. Do I have to complete six hours of self-directed learning each licensing cycle to fulfill my PDP requirements?

You must complete a minimum of 18 PDP hours each licensing cycle. At least 12 of these hours must be completed through accredited learning. The remainder can be made up of either self-directed or accredited learning. For example, all three of these scenarios would satisfy your minimum PDP requirements:

Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3
Accredited hours: 15Accredited hours: 18Accredited hours: 12
Self-directed hours: 3Self-directed hours: 0Self-directed hours: 6
Total = 18 hoursTotal = 18 hoursTotal = 18 hours

4. Do I report all of my professional development hours or only the required 18 hours?

We encourage you to report all professional development hours to your board! We know that most REALTORS® go above and beyond the minimum professional development requirements and it's important that this time and effort is acknowledged.

5. Where should I go with questions about my PDP requirements? What about my licensing requirements?

For questions about your PDP requirements, you should contact your local member board. You can find their contact information here. For questions about licensing or any of the mandatory courses (Legal Update, Rule Changes or the new Anti-Money Laundering course), the Real Estate Council of BC can answer your questions. You can find their contact information here.

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