Why It's Time to Start Thinking About a Radon Gas Test

Sep 21, 2020



By Ellen Baragon, Guest Contributor

September 23 is the last opportunity for REALTORS® to attend the BCREA webinar, Radon and Real Estate: Understanding New Developments for Practice in BC. Delivered by the BC Lung Foundation in collaboration with BCREA, the first three instances of this webinar – which earns Realtors two accredited PDP hours upon completion – were well received. Here’s what one Realtor had to say:

“Before the webinar I only knew Radon is a radioactive gas that could cause health issue. I was filling out the PDS (Property Disclosure Statement) with my seller last weekend and I couldn't explain it very well. After taking this webinar, I know more about Radon, why it is important to test the level and the cost associated with testing/mitigation. I think I'm going to test my home!”

If you’re one of the Realtors who attended a BCREA webinar on radon gas this year, you likely recall that as the summer comes to end and with winter around the corner, it’s the ideal time of year to start thinking about a radon gas test.

Timing is everything

Home heating systems are normally turned on and the windows and doors are shut tight during the cold winter months. The resulting warmer indoor atmosphere draws radon gas from surrounding soils to seep inside the home, creating an atmosphere that becomes a health hazard for residents.

This is the kind of information that many British Columbia homeowners—buyers, sellers, and their Realtors—need to know. As many Realtors have learned from the BCREA‘s radon webinars, contamination from radon gas can cause serious illness, including lung cancer. But armed with the right information, the risks of radon gas contamination can be reduced or even prevented.

Taking action on radon with reliable testing

One of the first things that Realtors and their clients should understand about radon gas is the importance of reliable testing. The Take Action on Radon website includes tips about radon testing, which requires at least 91 days before the results can be sent to a lab for a reliable report.

Here are some tips to note:

100 Radon Test Kit Challenge

With the support of Health Canada, and the willingness of community volunteers, the Take Action on Radon program is providing 100 free radon test kits to each municipality participating in the 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge, and distributing them to citizens for a nominal fee.

The 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge is relying on Community Liaisons; volunteers in the community who agree to help lead the 100 Test Kits Program. Read more about where the Radon Test Kit Challenge is already making a difference.

Registration is open for the final two-hour radon gas webinar from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on September 23, 2020. The cost of this accredited webinar is $60. Only a few spots remain, so Realtors are encouraged to register now to reserve a spot.

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