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May 06, 2024

A Consumer’s Guide to Home Energy Retrofits

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By Ivonne García,
Editorial and Content Specialist

Energy retrofits are more than just a buzzword; retrofits are a smart investment for homeowners, offering a range of benefits beyond just lowering energy costs. Retrofitting involves upgrading existing homes to improve their energy efficiency, making them more sustainable and comfortable in the long run.

What is Retrofitting?

Retrofitting your home involves making modifications to improve its energy efficiency and sustainability. This can include upgrading insulation, replacing old appliances and heating equipment with energy-efficient models, sealing air leaks, and installing smart thermostats. The goal is to create a more comfortable, healthier living space while reducing energy bills.

Why Retrofit Your Home?

Improve Comfort: Retrofitting can enhance your home comfort by reducing drafts, maintaining consistent temperatures, and improving humidity control.

Increase Energy Efficiency: By upgrading to energy-efficient appliances and equipment, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.

Improve Air Quality: Upgrading ventilation systems and using eco-friendly materials can improve indoor air quality, reducing allergens and pollutants.

Eliminate Fossil Fuels: Transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar panels or heat pumps can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Increase Home Value: Energy-efficient homes are in high demand, and retrofitting can increase the resale value of your property while attracting eco-conscious buyers.

Retrofit 101

Navigating the retrofitting process can seem complex, but the Community Energy Association, in partnership with the City of Port Moody, the Capital Regional District, the Regional District of the East Kootenays, and BCREA, as well as funding from BC Hydro, has created a series of resources and materials consumers, REALTORS® and contractors can use to support their clients in their retrofitting journey.

Visit the Community Energy Association Retrofit 101 page for more guides, videos, and expert advice.

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Author profile photo
By Ivonne García,
Editorial and Content Specialist

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