Forms 2020: Updated Signature Blocks

Aug 27, 2020



By Ellen Baragon, Guest Contributor

As part of BCREA’s Fall 2020 Standard Forms Release, the signature blocks on more than 20 standard forms have been updated and will be released on September 16, 2020.

After a recent review of the brokerage signature blocks on a number of forms, BCREA’s Standard Forms Committee noted opportunities to ensure consistency by revising and standardizing signature blocks on more than 20 standard forms.

While these changes affect the layout and wording of some of these signature blocks, they do not change the meaning of the agreements between the brokerage and the client.

Managing brokers or authorized signatories should sign the agreements on behalf of the brokerage (which also indicates brokerage approval for the purpose of the boards). If indicated, the designated agent should sign on their own behalf to acknowledge their own responsibilities.

No changes have been made to the consumer signature blocks and clients should continue to sign to indicate their acceptance of the agreement.

After the last party signs the form, the client and the brokerage should receive a fully executed copy. If there are any questions regarding the proper protocols for execution of agreements on behalf of brokerages (including these forms), Realtors should consult their managing broker.

The following is a sample of some of the updated forms:

  • Buyer Agency and Remuneration Agreement
  • Buyer’s Agency Exclusive Contract
  • Amendment of Buyer’s Agency Exclusive Contract
  • Exclusive Authority to Lease
  • Authority to Lease
  • Amendment of Exclusive Authority to Lease
  • Amendment of Authority to Lease
  • Fee Agreements
  • Limited Dual Agency Agreements
  • Multiple Listing Contract
  • Exclusive Listing Contract
  • Amendment of Exclusive Listing Contract
  • Tenant’s Agency Exclusive Contract

Fall 2020 Standard Forms Release Pre-Launch Package

Click here to view the Fall 2020 Standard Forms Release Pre-Launch Package, which includes advanced copies of the revised forms (watermarked and not for use) along with resource guides. BCREA Access username and password are required.

In addition to the new standard forms and clauses, BCREA will also be releasing:

If you have any questions about the Fall 2020 Standard Forms Release ask your managing broker or email [email protected].

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