New Index Created for Quick Access to BCREA Standard Forms Resources

Nov 12, 2020

Posted by
Syntyche Smith
Project Coordinator


With a variety of new resources having been created over the last several months – including the Standard Forms Resource Centre, the Fall 2020 Standard Forms and accompanying training materials – we have created a way for Realtors to easily find exactly what you need to help your practice.

The Standard Forms Resources Index enables quick access to the information you need to support you throughout the different phases of your transactions.

(BCREA Access login required)

In the document, you’ll be able to find the different types of resources in a variety of ways. You’ll find a section that includes general resources, as well as specific resources for the different clauses and forms.

There is a catalogue of all the Standard Forms videos as well as the form guides, FAQs and Toolkits.

The Standard Forms Resources Index will be updated regularly and is accessible via this link, from the Standard Forms page on the BCREA website, or on the Standard Forms Resource Centre. BCREA Access user name and password are required for access.

If you have any further questions about the Standard Forms Resources Index or the resources themselves, please reach out to the BCREA Standard Forms team at [email protected].

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