New Video Explains the Co-Listing Form – Separate Representation to Clients

Jul 13, 2021

Posted by
Marianne Brimmell
Communications Specialist


BCREA has created a new video to help REALTORS® explain the Co-Listing Form – Separate Representation to their clients. This form allows multiple sellers with opposing interests to each have their own designated agent(s) to represent them in the sale of a property. 

This video reviews the difference between joint and separate representation, the circumstances under which a client may choose to enter into a co-listing agreement with separate representation, and the potential benefits of this type of arrangement. The video also explains how sellers, their designated agents and their brokerages can use the Co-Listing Form – Separate Representation to enter into a co-listing agreement where each party’s interest is represented by their own designated agent(s).  

If you want to learn more about the Co-Listing Form – Separate Representation, there is a form toolkit available on the Standard Forms Resource Centre. As with all BCREA form toolkits, this toolkit includes an introduction to the form, an annotated version of the form, an interactive How-To-Complete guide and frequently asked questions (FAQs) such as:  

  1. Should the co-listing brokerage receive a copy of the listing contract and any amendments?  
  1. How will commissions be split between the various brokerages in a Co-listing? 

After you’ve enrolled in the form toolkit, click “start learning now” to access the form materials and FAQs.  

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