VIDEO: Help Your Clients Understand the Buyer's Agency Exclusive Contract

Jul 15, 2020

Posted by
Shaheed Devji
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications


When working with buyers in a real estate transaction in BC, REALTORS® may choose to use the Buyer’s Agency Exclusive Contract. BCREA has created a new video for you to share with your clients to help them better understand the purpose and content of this common standard form.

The Buyer’s Agency Exclusive Contract outlines the nature of the relationship between the buyer, the buyer’s Realtor and their brokerage. It also highlights the services the brokerage will provide.

This video can be shared with your clients to help introduce the Buyer’s Agency Exclusive Contract, so your clients become familiar with the standard form and can more comfortably and confidently engage in discussion prior to completing the contract.

After watching the video, your clients will have a basic understanding of some of the main terms included in the contract, be more familiar with the purpose of the form, and this can help them to make an informed decision on representation, knowing the rights and responsibilities of each party.

To download the Buyer’s Agency Exclusive Contract, visit WEBForms®.


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