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Verifying Assessment Data #455

It has been customary for licensees to rely upon BC Assessment and MLXchange for the assessed value of properties offered for sale…

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Contract with Unincorporated Company a Nullity; Unlicensed Person Posing as Licensed; Residential Assessment – Market Value Included Not GST; Cheque Yore Spilling #265

Two decisions illustrate the risk of not using the full name of a company purchasing property, or the failure of a company to be incorporated at the date it received the benefit of an assignment of a contract…

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Negligence in Measuring Area of Commercial Property, Commission Claim Successful #196

An Ontario real estate agent who was found by a judge to have negligently measured the area of his client’s commercial property, was still held to be entitled to payment of the commission earned upon the sale…

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Property Purchase Tax Act and Other Odds and Sods #104

The Property Purchase Tax Act, although it has only received first reading, is here to stay.

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Assessment of Strata Title Units, All Rented, in One Building #103

How should the assessed value of residential strata title apartment units, all in one building and all rented, be determined…

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