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Learning from an RECBC Discipline Decision #535

Starting in 2016, the real estate profession has seen numerous regulatory changes, including increased fines, new regulations, greater involvement from the Real Estate Council of BC.

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Consequences For Breach Of Fiduciary Duties #491

S was the owner-operator of both a real estate brokerage and a mortgage company which intermingled their business enterprises…

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“Limited Dual Agency Or No Agency,” There Is A Different #446

A recent case illustrates the pitfalls awaiting brokerages and REALTORS® when choosing to act as a limited dual agent…

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Limited Dual Agency Can Still be a Risky Business #427

A recent BC Supreme Court decision awarded damages against a REALTOR® for breach of fiduciary duty while acting as a limited dual agent…

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Small Claims Court Actions – Three Cases Against REALTORS® for Breaches of Duty #368

The Small Claims Act is intended to encourage the just, speedy, inexpensive and simple resolution of claims less than $10,000…

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Negligence, Duty Owed to Buyers by Engineer, Health and Building Inspectors and Developer #286

A recent decision, whose release coincided with the increasing attention being paid to the problem of leaky condominiums…

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Commission Lost by Licensee Who Introduced Purchaser #221

As the real estate industry in British Columbia moves toward the adoption of buyers’ agency as an alternative to sub-agency, it is interesting to read decisions in which the licensee’s claim…

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Actions Against Licensees – Negligence and Interfering With Contractual Relations #152

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning “brazen nerve”…

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Soil Contaminated Sites #138

What do gas stations with underground tanks, sawmills, pulp mills, paint manufacturing shops, dry-cleaners, shipyards, truck parking yards for moving or fuel companies, junkyards, farms and…

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Damages in Lieu of Commission #62

The advantages of a listing agreement which fully describes the basis upon which a commission is earned and the obligations of the owner toward the listing agent, in order to support a claim for commission or for…

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Changes to the Postal Service Means Businesses Will Continue to Use Couriers for Date Sensitive Mail #12

The transfer of the postal service to a Crown Corporation may improve relations at the post office, and it may even improve service in the long run…

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