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The Disciplinary Power of Real Estate Boards and Associations #505

A REALTOR®’s conduct is subject to review by a variety of bodies…

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Statement from BCREA

As the organization representing REALTORS® in BC for more than 40 years, BCREA strongly disapproves of any unethical activities that reduce housing affordability, take advantage of consumers or undermine transparency…

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CREA’s Standards of Business Practice Establishing REALTOR’s Duties #153

The extent to which the CREA Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice are factors in a judge’s decision involving the liability of licensees is illustrated by the following case…

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Court – Can It Review a Board’s Decision to Penalize a Member #88

Have you ever wondered what your remedy would be if your Board imposed a penalty upon you that you thought was unfair because, in your opinion, it was based upon a wrong interpretation of the facts of the complaint…

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Double Interims – A “No, No” #77

Despite the creative lending practices of a few financial institutions, such as the Crown Trust and the Canadian Commercial Bank, licensees rightly perceive that the majority of mortgage lending institutions insist…

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