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Commission, Receiver/Manager Can’t Be Sued Personally for Sale of Unionized Business, Seller Discharged Employees, Not Liable for Payment Made by Buyer to Settle Grievance #327

An agent who is given a listing of real property by a receiver/manager licensed under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act can confidently expect to be paid if a buyer contracts during the term of the listing to purchase…

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Residential Mortgage or Residential Agreement for Sale – Continued; Negligence, Liability of Owner/Employee of a Limited Company #126

Column 125 discussed how a mortgagor may be able to limit liability under the personal covenant of the mortgagee, upon the sale by the mortgagor…

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Commission Dispute Between Agent and Salesperson #34

A salesperson’s right to payment of a commission or of a bonus earned during his employment, but not paid before the salesperson left the agent with whom he was employed, has been examined in several cases….