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Environmental Liability #478

In Dolinsky v. Wingfield, oil from a leaky underground tank contaminated the property next door…

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Title Insurance – Part 2 of 3 #322

A lender’s policy, whether residential or commercial, contains the basic risks plus a broader coverage than is provided in the buyer’s…

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Soil Contaminated Sites #138

What do gas stations with underground tanks, sawmills, pulp mills, paint manufacturing shops, dry-cleaners, shipyards, truck parking yards for moving or fuel companies, junkyards, farms and…

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Soil Contaminated Sites [Continued] #139

A whole new growth industry is developing of scientists, engineers, law professors, lawyers, columnists, experts and others, around the pollution of the environment and the liability for doing so…

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UFFI WARRANTY – Vendor Warrants That the Building Does Not Contain Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation #134

This is a common warranty given either at the request of the prospective purchaser, or of the mortgage company considering an application by the purchaser for financing…

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