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Modification of an Easement Agreement #385

When is an easement not an easement? “When the rights granted by it detract so substantially from the rights of the servient owner that it must be something other than an easement.”

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Legally Speaking 371 – Hardwood Flooring Bylaws Revisited; Paragraphs 8 and 14 of the Contract of Purchase and Sale #374

The message some licensees took from the two cases discussed in Legally Speaking 371 was that a strata corporation can’t enforce a bylaw restricting the installation of hardwood floors…

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Strata Corporation Bylaws and Human Rights Code – Approval Requirement for Installation of Wood Flooring Unenforceable #371

A licensee’s client took title to a unit with a floating wood floor, in a strata corporation whose bylaws required strata council approval before installation…

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