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Foreclosure and Residential Tenants #448

Licensees often wonder whether during foreclosure proceedings the borrower can rent the property to a residential tenant so the tenancy survives the foreclosure…

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Actions Against Licensees – Negligence and Interfering With Contractual Relations #152

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning “brazen nerve”…

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Commissions #113

There are occasions when a licencee agrees reluctantly to pay part of a purchaser’s costs out of the licencee’s commission, to make a deal between a cash-short purchaser…

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Bank Foreclosure – Customer Rights; CMHC Guarantee – Negligence #114

Financial institutions often demonstrate a casual if not contemptuous disregard for requests for pay-out statements or delivery of an executed discharge of a mortgage…

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Commissions – Listing Agreements for Court Ordered Sales #82

A recent decision in an action which is likely to go on for some time involves an owner of a foreclosed property that was sold by Court Order, who has sued the lawyer who was advising him throughout the foreclosure…

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Foreclosure – Defence of Vendor/Mortgagor Against Deficiency Claim #72

The Real Estate Council has recently advised licensees of the desirability of advising a vendor of the vendor’s continuing liability to a mortgage lender under a mortgage granted by the vendor on property that is then so

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Damages in Lieu of Commission #62

The advantages of a listing agreement which fully describes the basis upon which a commission is earned and the obligations of the owner toward the listing agent, in order to support a claim for commission or for…

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Special Circumstances for Listing Agents’ Commission #22

Since the subject of this column, which was requested by the Legislative Committee of B.C.R.E.A., is one which raises more questions than it answers, it would be appropriate to start it by saying…

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Liability for Both a Limited Company and the Employee, Resulting From the Actions of the Employees #14

A recent case illustrates the liability which may attach to both a limited company and the employee of the limited company, resulting from the actions of the employees…

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