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When an exclusion clause is not exclusionary #435

In a recent decision, the purchasers of a residential home were awarded over $160,000 in damages from their home inspector for negligence arising out of a pre-purchase inspection.

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Defects, Disclosure and Caveat Emptor #430

It’s trite law that a seller and a listing REALTOR® have a duty to disclose known material latent defects, but not patent defects…

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More Caveat Emptor, Latent and Patent Examples #384

The owners of a house, which was old when they bought it in 1979, sold it in 1994 to buyers who discovered after completion that the kitchen floor sloped 2.5 to five centimetres from one side to the other…

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Exclusion Clause—Home Inspector’s Limitation of Liability Unenforceable #365

A prospective buyer who makes an offer subject to a home inspection may have an inflated expectation of the inspector’s ability to discover deficiencies…

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Negligence of House Inspector: Licensee’s Liability #140

The answer to this question was given in a 1977 case in which a purchaser was concerned about the soundness of the structure and foundations of an old house he wanted to purchase…

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