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New Video Explains Seller’s Disclosure of Material Latent Defects Form to Clients

BCREA has created a new video for REALTORS® to share with their clients to help explain the Seller’s Disclosure of Material Latent Defects form.

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Death at a Property Revisited #514

In 2007, a man was murdered outside the gates of his Shaughnessy home. The murder, described by the police as a targeted killing…

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Death at a Property #502

If someone dies at a property, is the death a material latent defect that must be disclosed in writing to all other parties before entering…

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Boo You Really Want to Know? #487

Licensees often ask whether a death at a property must be disclosed by the seller, be it death by murder…

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Material Latent Defect Versus Latent Defect. Is There a Difference? #486

Two major disclosure duties govern every listing REALTOR®. Common law requires the Realtor to disclose any known latent defect…

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Psychologically Impacted Property – The Haunted House; Rights Attached to an Easement #192

Generally, when we consider a licensee’s duty to disclose material facts concerning the property in question, we think of material facts relating to the physical condition of the property…

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