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Stay Cool – New Home Buyer Rescission Period for Residential Real Properties Coming January 3, 2023 #555

BC’s new Home Buyer Rescission Period (HBRP) for residential real estate property takes effect on January 3, 2023 and while it is not a new concept, REALTORS® need to be aware of the effects of the new regulation

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Assignment Terms – It’s All in the Contract #546

Licensees must ensure they read the terms of real estate contracts carefully and explain them to their clients. This is especially true when it comes to assignment clauses contained within contracts.

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The Increasing Cost of Misconduct #544

A review of the most recent discipline decisions of the BC Financial Services Authority suggests that we will start to see the impact of these increased penalty limits.

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Working with Unrepresented Parties #536

Realtors should be familiar with the Real Estate Rules for dealing with unrepresented parties so that they understand how to disclose to consumers whether or not they will be representing them.

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Learning from an RECBC Discipline Decision #535

Starting in 2016, the real estate profession has seen numerous regulatory changes, including increased fines, new regulations, greater involvement from the Real Estate Council of BC.

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No Judicial Leeway to Compensate Unlicensed Individuals Who Provide Real Estate Services #523

Beginning in the late eighteenth century, courts refused to enforce illegal contracts as a matter of public policy…

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New Era for Legally Speaking #404

After penning his final issue of his illustrious 26-year tenure as author of Legally Speaking last month, Gerry Neely has passed the torch…

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Finder’s Fee; Unlicensed Person Entitled to Enforce Payment #334

A Supreme Court of British Columbia judge decided an individual who was not licensed as an agent or salesperson under the Real Estate Act was entitled to payment of $50,000 for introducing a buyer to property sellers…

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Aboriginal Land Development and Sale (Continued) #329

Column 328 referred to the landlord/tenant relationship resulting from the development of reserve lands…

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Indian Land Development and Sale, Introduction To #328

Anyone involved for the first time in the sale of an interest in reserve land will find little that resembles the more usual sale of fee simple land with which we are familiar…

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Counteroffer – No Date for Acceptance by Purchaser; No Listing Contract for the Sale of Shares #154

Murphy’s law – if something can go wrong it will, and then get worse – doesn’t always lead to litigation, but when it does, it often highlights a useful practice point…

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The Stakeholder Provisions of Section 48 of the Real Estate Act, and the Method of Dealing With a Deposit Where There Is a Dispute Between Parties #135

The stakeholder provisions of Section 48. of the Real Estate Act are so well known to agents that the disposition of the deposit where there is a dispute between the parties is routinely dealt with…

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The Real Estate Act and the End of the 100% House #23

Unless a recent decision is reversed on appeal or the Real Estate Act is changed, the 100% house may disappear…

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