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Mortgage Broker’s Exclusive Contract Unenforceable #396

It’s a rare occasion when one’s expertise is a negative factor influencing a judge’s decision….

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Partition of Property Act – When Friendship Turns to Enmity #395

Two couples who were close friends jointly purchased a Gulf Islands cottage, each taking a one-half interest in the property…

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Compensation for Loss of Commission Under a List Back Agreement #391

Legally Speaking 62 and 162 discuss cases involving paragraph 8 of the Multiple Listing Contract…

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Caveat Emptor – Buyers’ Due Diligence; s.39 of the Real Estate Act and the Power to Impose a Penalty for Frivolous Lawsuits #369

A buyer who bought a waterfront home subsequently sued the listing agency and salesperson in the Victoria small claims court for negligently misrepresenting the garage size and stating that the kitchen cabinetry was…

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Small Claims Court Actions – Three Cases Against REALTORS® for Breaches of Duty #368

The Small Claims Act is intended to encourage the just, speedy, inexpensive and simple resolution of claims less than $10,000…

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Property Condition Disclosure Statement – Licensee's Liability for Failure to Deliver and Obtain #281

An owner was ordered by a health officer to make repairs to, or replace, a malfunctioning sewage disposal system. Instead, he decided to sell the house and in doing so refrained from disclosing the problem…

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Commission Claims Made in Small Claims Court #275

The increase several years ago of Small Claims Court monetary jurisdiction to $10,000, opened the door for a number of licensees to sue for payment of a commission which they might otherwise have chosen…

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Commissions Small Claims Court #208

The increase in the Small Claims Court jurisdiction to $10,000 has resulted in more cases of some complexity being tried in that court because the process…

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