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Verifying Assessment Data #455

Legally Speaking

By Jennifer CleeB.A., LL.B. It has been customary for licensees to rely upon BC Assessment and MLXchange for the assessed value of properties offered for sale. A recent decision of the BC Supreme Court1 illustrates the danger of licensees relying upon that information without ensuring that the information is current, particularly where the information was

Contract with Unincorporated Company a Nullity; Unlicensed Person Posing as Licensed; Residential Assessment – Market Value Included Not GST; Cheque Yore Spilling #265

Legally Speaking

By Gerry Neely B.A. LL.B Two decisions illustrate the risk of not using the full name of a company purchasing property, or the failure of a company to be incorporated at the date it received the benefit of an assignment of a contract. In the first case, which involved an agent’s claim for commission, the

Property Purchase Tax Act and Other Odds and Sods #104

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. The Property Purchase Tax Act, although it has only received first reading, is here to stay. The amendments to the Bill published in the Orders of the Day of May 19, 1987, primarily remove ambiguities from the Bill as originally drafted. They do remove the original perceived inequities that would have