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Inflation and the Rising Trend of Underinsured Claims: Tips for REALTORS®

According to Aviva Insurance, there has been a growing trend of underinsured claims across personal and commercial property lines over the past two years. This trend is fuelled by customers not being adequately insured to value. As a result, Aviva says that claims are coming in much higher than what customers are insured for. With

In a Bind Over Home Insurance?

How to secure coverage during wildfire season Most buyers won’t realize there’s a difference between an insurance company giving them a quote for an insurance policy and an insurance company binding an insurance policy. But as a REALTOR®, you certainly should. When an insurance provider “binds” an insurance policy it means they’ve issued the policy

Home Insurance During Wildfire Season

Wildfires have had a devastating impact on communities across BC in recent years. This year’s wildfire season has already begun and, as a REALTOR®, you can help protect your clients by reminding them of the importance of home insurance, both year-round and when buying or selling a home. If your client is buying a home,

Agent’s Authority to Receive Mortgage Payments #50

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. Usually you would assume that if you are making monthly payments on a mortgage to a mortgage broker, that you could safely pay the principal amount required to pay the mortgage in full to the broker, and obtain a release from the mortgagee. A recent case once again raises the question