Legal Defence Reserve

How to Apply for BCREA’s Legal Defence Reserve for REALTORS®

BCREA’s Legal Defence Reserve (LDR) is a valuable support system that assists REALTORS® by supporting litigation or providing other assistance for issues concerning the Realtor profession. When serious issues arise with potential implications on Realtor practice, reputation, and the real estate profession as a whole, BCREA may assist you with your claims with financial support

Legal Defence Reserve Offers Peace of Mind for REALTORS® Faced with Legal Challenges

Professionalism is always top of mind for REALTORS®. Your reputation with your clients is based on trust as they rely on you to advise and act in their best interest.  But your peace of mind is important, too.  That’s where BCREA’s Legal Defence Reserve (LDR) comes in. The LDR is a useful support system for Realtors if legal challenges arise around issues of provincial significance. Funds from the