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The Condominium Act – Section 49 #159

Legally Speaking

By Gerry Neely B.A. LL.B This section states that no expenditures in excess of $500 shall be made by a strata council unless: (a) an emergency exists, or (b) the expenditure was set out in the annual budget of the corporation which was approved by the owners at a general meeting, or (c) the owners

Leases #93

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. Unless you are a property manager and actively involved in residential leases, the oddities of the Residential Tenancies Act, once known to you, may now be forgotten. This could apply particularly to a fixed term house lease, say of 12 months which as everyone knows, automatically expires at the end of the

Property Manager’s Liability for an Assault Upon a Tenant #79

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. A case involving an assault upon a tenant will be of interest not only to property managers and owners of rental properties, but perhaps also to Strata Corporations. The facts involve the rape of a tenant by an employee of the Company managing the property for the owners. The police concluded