Rural Real Estate

New Online Course Helps REALTORS® Expand Reach to Rural Areas

Rural Real Estate Essentials is a new online course offered by BCREA, aimed to help BC REALTORS® expand their reach to rural areas. Promoting knowledge and business growth, the new course provides REALTORS® with foundational knowledge on rural real estate and helps reinforce and enhance the knowledge of REALTORS® already practicing in these areas. Special

Wells, Drilled and Dug; and Dry #242

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A., LL.B. Well, well, well – city dwellers who are moving in increasing numbers beyond the limits of city water to purchase rural property and who, if asked to measure a well drink would do so in ounces rather than gallons per minute, are finding that their well being may be well-nigh impossible

Property Purchase Tax Act (Continued) #107

Legally Speaking

By Gerry Neely B.A. LL.B On July 10, 1987, the Ministry of Finance closed the loophole referred to in the second example in Column 106 by an amendment to the PPTA, rather than by regulation. The first example given in that column of the purchase by a husband and wife was intended to illustrate the

Restrictive Covenants – Cancellation or Modification #76

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. It’s been a hot summer and not just in the forests. The stack of listings you had in June have sold, disappearing as rapidly as pancakes at a loggers’ breakfast. No obvious source of new listings was apparent, and it looked as if cold calls might be the only antidote to

Fiduciary Relationship Responsibilities Between the Licensee and Client #29

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A. LL.B. Legally Speaking Column No. 1 discussed the fiduciary relationship between the licencee and the person who has retained the licencee to sell his property. Those principles were examined in a recent case where the licencee exchanged his property for that of the principal’s property. The principal had listed a 2 1/2-acre semi-rural