Stigmatized Properties

Death at a Property Revisited #514

In 2007, a man was murdered outside the gates of his Shaughnessy home. The murder, described by the police as a targeted killing, remains unsolved. The victim lived in the home with his wife and two children. The property was owned by his mother-in-law, who resided in China. One of his daughters attended a private

Death at a Property #502

If someone dies at a property, is the death a material latent defect that must be disclosed in writing to all other parties before entering an agreement under Rule 5-13?1 Or, is the death a stigma and, if so, must the listing agent disclose it? In Wang v. Shao, the owner was a grandmother whose

Boo You Really Want to Know? #487

By Jennifer Clee B.A., LL.B. Licensees often ask whether a death at a property must be disclosed by the seller, be it death by murder, natural causes, accident or suicide. The simple answer is no. However, there are practical considerations that may make disclosure of such events beneficial to the seller. Seller’s Disclosure Duty Sellers and