Flood Protection

BCREA’s Position on Flood Protection

Flooding poses catastrophic risks to BC’s economic vitality, safety, environment, property owners and communities. BCREA’s flood protection work focuses on floodplain maps, a strong role for the provincial government and education for REALTORS® and their clients.

BCREA Recommends the Provincial Government:

  • Take the lead, working with local and federal governments, to ensure floodplain maps are updated and remain current.
  • Develop guidelines and specifications for the development of floodplain maps.
  • Ensure senior government funding programs for flood mitigation cover technical studies, such as floodplain maps.

Government action

  • On April 17, 2015, Public Safety Canada announced a call for proposals from provincial and territorial governments for the National Disaster Mitigation Program (news release). Flood mapping is one of four key areas for which funding is available. Proposals for 2015-2016 will be accepted until June 30, 2015. More information.
  • In January 2015, Public Safety Canada issued a news release regarding the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) which was referenced in the 2014 federal budget (Economic Action Plan 2014). The NDMP will reduce flood-related costs for all levels of government and contribute to establishing conditions for the introduction of a residential flood insurance market in Canada. The program will see $200 million distributed over five years, for cost-sharing for projects focused primarily on flood mitigation, and will begin on April 1, 2015. From BCREA’s perspective, a highlight is that eligible projects could include “non-structural investments, such as flood-mapping and forecasting.”
  • On May 2, 2014 the federal and provincial governments announced new funding for 26 flood mitigation projects in BC (floodplain mapping was not among the projects): Canada and British Columbia Deliver on Flood Mitigation.



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