Strata Fundamentals - Part 2

In Strata Fundamentals - Part 2, REALTORS® will look at the possible risks in the strata transaction; learn how to read and write accurate listings; identify and document the red flags in strata documents; identify strata issues and assess how they may impact clients; and apply the MASTA approach (mitigate, accept, share, transfer, avoid) to reduce risk in strata transactions.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to more accurately read and interpret strata documents, better measure strata products against their client's specifications, improve their understanding of the role and limitations of a REALTOR® in a strata transaction, and better explain strata complexities and risks to their clients.

Strata Fundamentals - Part 2, is an instructor-led offering. To see dates of when this course is being hosted throughout the province please refer to the BCREA course calendar, here.