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Apr 09, 2020

PODCAST: Episode 4 - COVID-19 Standardized Clauses, and Financial Support

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By Shaheed Devji,
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications
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Open House by BCREA is a monthly podcast where REALTORS® will find the latest real estate news and feature conversations with experts on issues related to real estate practice in BC. Learn more about the show here.

Episode 4, COVID-19: Standardized Clauses, and Financial Support, features conversations with BCREA's legal counsel for Standard Forms Jamie Matthews, and Anna Jones, a Partner at Church Pickard Chartered Professional Accountants.

Matthews discusses the concerns around using standardized clauses in transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Jones details the different options for financial support for Realtors and managing brokers.

NOTE: This episode was recorded on Monday, April 6, 2020 and therefore may contain information that has since been updated or is no longer relevant or applicable. Please visit the BCREA COVID-19 Resources for REALTORS® page for the latest relevant information.

CORRECTION: At 17:24, Anna said that general revenue for Managing Brokers needs to drop by $30,000. This should be have been 30%.

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Author profile photo
By Shaheed Devji,
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications

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