Condominium Jacuzzi’s Excessive Noise and Chlorine Odour #264

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A., LL.B. The Condominium Act, as out-of-date as it is in many respects, may provide a remedy to a strata lot owner, who finds that a decision of the strata council to manage part of the common facilities for the benefit of all owners, interferes with the owner’s enjoyment of her suite. Section 40

Condominium Retroactive By-Law Unenforceable #263

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A., LL.B. A ground level strata unit had a patio on common property, which was reserved for the exclusive use of the owners of the unit. Buyers who purchased it installed a hot tub about June of 1995. The patio was entirely surrounded by the wall of the building, a fence and gateway.

Sellers Take Back Part II of Mortgage #262

Legally Speaking

By Gerry NeelyB.A., LL.B. As anyone who has recently signed a mortgage will know, computerization of the Land Title Office has resulted in a mortgage consisting of two parts. Part I contains the particulars of the parties, legal description, principal amount of the mortgage, the interest rate and how and when the principal and interest

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