Understanding Recent Changes to Age Restrictions in Strata Corporations

In late-2022, strata corporations were no longer allowed to make age-restricting bylaws for persons under 55 years old. The intent of this policy was to make more strata units available to more British Columbian families. This means that any current age restrictions under 55+ are unenforceable. However, as anticipated by BCREA and other stakeholders, the

A Brief Note on New Listings Activity in 2023

Summary of Findings: Read the Report The post-pandemic housing market has been notable for its stubborn refusal to track expectations. One of the most interesting and unexpected recent housing market trends has been the lack of new listings, which have been trending well below average in all areas of the province since the start of

Home Insurance During Wildfire Season

Wildfires have had a devastating impact on communities across BC in recent years. This year’s wildfire season has already begun and, as a REALTOR®, you can help protect your clients by reminding them of the importance of home insurance, both year-round and when buying or selling a home. If your client is buying a home,

BC REALTORS® Advocate for More Thoughtful Housing Policymaking Process

On May 7-9, 2023, delegates from all eight real estate boards gathered in Victoria to meet with their constituent Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) during BCREA’s annual Government Liaison (GL) Days. During this event, BC’s organized real estate sector collectively advocated for a more thoughtful housing policymaking process and increased missing middle housing options

Five Insurance Tips for Wildfire Season

Sadly, it seems that in addition to spring, summer, fall and winter, BC now has a fifth season: wildfire season. What’s worse is that this year the wildfire season has gotten off to an early start, making it more important than ever for REALTORS® to help clients manage wildfire risks. While there are some things

Lack of Inventory Creating Tighter Market Conditions Across BC

For the complete news release, including detailed statistics, click here. Vancouver, BC – May 11, 2023. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 7,427 residential unit sales were recorded in Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) systems in April 2023, a decrease of 17.7 per cent from April 2022. The average MLS® residential

BCREA Hosts Government Liaison Days 2023 in Victoria

On May 7-9, 2023, BCREA and representatives from each of BC’s eight real estate member boards will gather in Victoria for our annual Government Liaison (GL) Days conference. We are looking forward to hosting this event in person again for the first time since 2019.   GL Days is a key advocacy event during which

The Importance of Conversations on Mental Health

the power of honest conversations

Mental health is an essential component of our daily lives. Yet, it is still overlooked and stigmatized in society. Many individuals are afraid to seek help or speak up about their struggles with mental illness due to the fear of judgment and discrimination. Those struggles can come from diverse places, not only from the professional

Mental Health and Mental Capacity in Real Estate Contracts #560

Realtor with clients signing a contract

Mental health is always a topic worth discussing because, as conversations about mental health are becoming more and more open, we realize that it touches all of our personal and professional lives in some way. However, mental health issues are still very personal and private and generally up to individuals to discuss (or not) on

Mental Health Awareness Month: Navigating the Stressful World of Real Estate

Real estate professionals face unique problems and challenges in their everyday practice, from the uncertain housing market landscape, long work hours, and other stressors, each taking a toll on their mental and physical health. According to the findings of the survey on COVID-19 and mental health from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, one

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