Stronger Consumer Protection for Healthy Homes

BC needs a provincial framework for remediation to ensure homes that have been used to produce drugs are safe from mould, pesticides and electrical and fire hazards. BC’s neighbours have made significant strides towards these goals. In Alberta designated officials conduct an inspection, issue an order to vacate and outline the required procedure to remediate

B-20 is Stressing Potential Home Buyers

The federal B-20 stress test is preventing many British Columbians from achieving their dream of home ownership. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions enacted new mortgage rules in 2018, requiring borrowers to qualify for a mortgage at the higher of either the rate they’ve negotiated with their bank plus two per cent or

How to Fund Flood Mapping

Flooding poses significant risks to communities, and the effects can be widespread and last for years. Floodplain maps illustrate where floodwaters are expected to go, which makes them the most logical first step in flood management. To be effective, these maps also need to be updated regularly. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a coordinated program in

Privacy Notice and Consent Form Resources

Learn more about working with the recently updated Privacy Notice and Consent form The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) recently updated the Privacy Notice and Consent form, which explains to consumers how you’ll use and disclose their information. To learn more about the changes and working with the updated form, check out this short video

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Launches in September

Help your clients understand the incentive and whether they can benefit In September, the federal government will launch the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, an interest-free loan that doesn’t require monthly payments. The incentive is intended to help reduce monthly mortgage payments without increasing the amount needed to save for a down payment. How does it

The First Law of Holes #517

Will Rogers defined the first law of holes as follows: “When you find yourself in a hole; stop digging.” A recent discipline decision of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia1 suggests the licensee involved should have taken Mr. Rogers’ advice. The licensee acted as the designated agent of the seller in the sale of

Ideas into Action: BCREA Managing Brokers’ Conference

Register today for BCREA’s second Managing Brokers’ Conference and join managing and associate brokers from across BC on October 16 and 17 at the Coast Capri Hotel in beautiful Kelowna for a day of networking and learning! This year’s conference theme is Ideas into Action, and the all-day conference on October 17 will take an

Housing Demand Improves in July

For the complete news release, including detailed statistics, click here. Vancouver, BC – August 13, 2019. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 7,930 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in July, an increase of 12.4 per cent from the same month last year. The average

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BCREA Public Website Preview
BCREA Public Website Preview
BCREA Public Website Preview