Only 35 Per Cent of British Columbians Support Government’s Cooling-Off Period According to Recent Polling

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On behalf of the province’s eight real estate boards and 24,000 REALTORS(R), the BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) supports the Government of British Columbia’s intent to introduce a “Homebuyer Protection Period.” However, the BC Government’s cooling-off period fails to meet the needs of British Columbians. A recent independent survey of 1,157 British Columbians shows that only 35

BCREA Addresses Minister Robinson’s Announcement

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Yesterday, Minister of Finance Selina Robinson announced plans to amend the Property Law Act to pave the way for the introduction of a “Homebuyer Protection Period” in real estate transactions. While the Government’s announcement lacked detail, the Homebuyer Protection Period will give buyers the right to rescind offers in real estate transactions. While governmental language

Standard Forms – A Valuable Copyrighted Members-Only Resource

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The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) administers and manages a set of Standard Forms, standard clauses and related educational resources for use by REALTORS® in real estate transactions in British Columbia. A sub-set of the standard forms are jointly owned by BCREA and the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch (CBABC), including the Contract of

Stickers Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore: Why CSA Labels Matter #547

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My children collect stickers and trade them at school as though they are currency. And for adults and licensees, the stickers that should concern you are the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) label and the silver label. Licensees selling a mobile or manufactured home should locate and investigate the validity of a CSA label or silver

Sales Activity Remains Strong Heading into Spring

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For the complete news release, including detailed statistics, click here. Vancouver, BC – March 14, 2022. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 8,902 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in February 2022, a decrease of 18.8 per cent from February 2021. The average MLS® residential

Pre-offer vs Cooling Off: Communicating with Clients

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In February, BCREA has published more than 30 recommendations to the BC Government and the province’s real estate regulator, the BC Financial Services Authority, to help guide their decision making to better protect consumers in the real estate transaction process.   A key recommendation we made is for government to mandate a “pre-offer period” instead

LTSA to Increase Fees in April

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The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) has announced that it will be increasing service fees as of April 1, 2022. According to LTSA, the net increase will be 1.4% to the overall customer fee. To view the current and projected fees, click here. LTSA says that it uses revenue from fee

BCFSA Proposes Changes to Real Estate Teams

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On February 23, the province’s real estate regulator, the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) released proposed amendments to the Real Estate Service Rules intended to clarify the role and duties of real estate teams and team members. Teams play an important role for licensees; they can allow families or partners to work together, facilitate larger

BCREA’s Consumer Protection Recommendations Attract National Media Attention

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BCREA’s white paper A Better Way Home: Strengthening Consumer Protection in Real Estate Transactions has attracted significant media attention nationwide. BCREA launched the white paper at a press conference in downtown Vancouver on Monday, February 28 with all of BC’s major news outlets in attendance, including Global, CBC, and CTV. More than 500 viewers, including